restumping melbourne, restumping, melbourne, underpinning

restumping melbourne, restumping, melbourne, underpinning

Riteway Reblocking

Bricks starting to crack? Call RITEWAY on (03) 9309 0442 or 0433 065 380


About riteway

Is your house starting to show the effects of failing stumps? Uneven floors, doors & windows not closing properley like they used to and cracks in the plaster may be several symptoms of this issue.

It is very important that this is addressed by replacing the old redgum stumps with strong concrete stumps. This process is called reblocking or restumpting.


About underpinning

Cracking bricks can be a very critical give away that your foundations are loosing their agility and need to be strengthened and stabilized.

There may be several reasons for this such as the original foundation not being strong enough, usage of foundation has changed or the properties of the surrounding soil changing.


Rite way reblocking and underpinning is a family owned and operated business that has been in the industry for over 9 years.

We restump houses, which includes getting underneath a house removing redgum stumps and replacing them with concrete stumps, we then do computer levelling which ensures the house is level all over.

We also do underpinning which involves only brick houses, we also do decks and verandahs.
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100% Computer leveling
Full insurance
Permit supplied
15 year guarantee
restumping melbourne, restumping, melbourne, underpinning

restumping, melbourne, underpinning