Riteway Reblocking

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About riteway Reblocking and Restumping are two different words but generally mean the same thing. Reblocking or Restumping involves any kind of house, whether it be wheatherboard, brick veneer or concrete/cement.

If your house is sitting on red gum stumps, then they will need to be removed and replaced with concrete stumps. The major signs that your house needs reblocking are, the plaster walls beginning to crack, doors or windows not shutting properly or you feel your house is not level and sloping to one side.

If your house is already sitting on concrete stumps, and you are experiencing the above signs, you may still need restumping, which may involve, hanging extra stumps to prevent further cracking and then levelling. At times your house may just need levelling with the use of packing.This all depends on the severity of your house.

We use computer leveling which ensures your house is level all over and all your windows and doors are shutting as they should.